How to use a Multimeter for HVAC?

HVAC is for Heating, Ventilation, and Air conditioning system performance test. We are going to use, FLUKE 116 HVAC Multimeter to learn to test the HVAC system. And we also required a clamp meter.

What is an HVAC system?

An HVAC system is the technology of the device and processes the system that provides heat, cool and ventilates a commercial or residential property. In terms of heating, most of the homes will be built in furnace heating. The home furnaces come in different types and can use other fuel sources like natural gas, electricity, propane and heating equipment.

Generally, it includes a blower motor, which moves the air throughout the home in cooling an HVAC system. Traditionally it consists of an air conditioner or heat pump; an air conditioner only cools the home, whereas a heat pump can cool and provide heat for a home.

How to use a multimeter for HVAC?

How to test an HVAC system with Fluke 116 HVAC?

Fluke 116 digital multimeter is made explicitly for engineers who work in the HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) industries.

The Fluke 116 includes exclusive functions such as a built-in thermometer for measuring temperature and a microamp mode designed for testing flame sensors. It can also test all standard electrical parameters, including resistance, continuity, frequency, capacitance and voltage.

The key features of Fluke 116 HVAC

  • Fluke 116 specifically designed for HVAC technicians
  • A/C, D/C voltage measures up to 600mV
  • D/C millivolts measures up to 600mV
  • Continuity, Diode test
  • Resistance 40M Ohms
  • Capacitance 1000uF
  • Micro amps mode made for testing flame sensors
  • Frequency measure up to 50Hz
  • True RMS when testing an irregular A/C circuits
  • LoZ low input impedance eliminates false readings caused by ghost voltage
  • CAT iii 600V

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How to use an HVAC multimeter for HVAC system

Multimeters are used to do voltage A/C, D/C and Ohms some do Amps. For that purpose, we used the best HVAC digital multimeter, which is a True RMS meter means the meter is a little more accurate.

To test an HVAC system,  in this article we will describe to you what to look for in a digital multimeter,  when you are planning to apply it to HVAC appliances, and which features will make the biggest implement. Most of these features can be found in many digital multimeters.  

All the test done with a digital multimeter are :

Features a Digital Multimeter must need to work with HVAC Appliances

Voltage Meter

Almost all digital meters can check voltage. For HVAC, you required a multimeter that can measure A/C voltage up to 600V and D/C voltage up to 300V.

Resistance Meter

Resistance is measured in Ohms, which can tell you the performance of a circuit or a component how well it is. The multimeter should at least measure up to 5M Ohms (5 megaohms) in increments of 1/10 Ohms.

Amperage Meter

The multimeter should measure A/C amps up to 300A. The minimum amperage measurement should be at least 1/100A with an increase of 1/10 Ohms.


For the microamps measurements, your digital meter should read as little as 1/10 of microamps.

Continuity test

The continuity test detects an electric circuit is open or close. This feature is also present in every digital multimeter, and the function is performed with a beeping buzzer.

Capacitance test

The most important and common problem in HVAC compressors is the failure of a capacitor to start, which results in a trip-breaker. You should have a multimeter that can test for capacitance to diagnose certain problems.

A True RMS meter

A true RMS meter will tell you to read distorted or non-sine waves, and this will be carried in bigger appliances with very high voltage, such as HVAC appliances.

Ghost Voltage

Other than all these features, ghost voltage detection also plays a false role; you also need a multimeter to detect ghost voltage to eliminate these faults.


There is a list of features, all in one, to consider buying a multimeter. That can be held into one multimeter. There are some manufacturers, they have designed their multimeters specifically for HVAC technicians.

All the features mentioned above are present in one best multimeter; the Fluke 116 HVAC is the best quality digital multimeter you can buy. The durability and quality of fluke 116 are beyond the market, and you will need a piece of equipment like this for best results.

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