Best automotive multimeter under $100 - Top 3 Reviewed 2021

This article consists of the three best automotive multimeter under $100, readily available on the market. To save both of your time and energy,  our experience and research work on them. And also how to use an Automotive Multimeter  & after spending hours on the market research, we have come with just the top 3 Multimeter Under $100.

We have started the investigation with a few conventional Multimeter Under $100 for sale. But therefore, we have narrowed them down into three by considering their overall performance, Design, Usability, and Features. Do not forget to check the manufacturer’s record to provide only the best Multimeter Under $100  in 2021. So, this is the neutral Multimeter Under $100 reviews you can rely on them. Just for you, we have found the most suitable for your desire.

Today we will let you know the key safety and productivity features that make the new Amprobe AM-530 digital multimeters stand out from others in its class. The AM 530 has uniquely built-in safety features that quickly verified voltage and even stray voltages with low impedance and non-contact voltage detection. Unlike other multimeters in its class, the AM-530 has a low-pass filter to read voltage and frequency on variable frequency drives.

The AM-530 also speeds up HVAC measurements by eliminating manual calculations with dual, A-type thermal couples that take differential temperature measurements. The large backlit dual display allows you to collect and record the most critical measures, and the analog bar graph protects any noise on the line with the brightwork light. This multimeter effortlessly illuminates your workspace. It has a rubber tilt stand to use on a firm surface and take the measurement hands-free. It’s obvious why you should add the Amprobe AM-530 series digital multimeter to your tool collection. The best tool at this price.

Quick Review:


It has relatively more features.

Voltage detection

Automatic power-off

Measures temperature

Built-in flashlight

Stable kickstand

Auto and manual ranging


Backlight only stays on for 25 seconds

Continuity and capacitance response time is slow

The Extech EX330 multimeter is accurate in use. It shows an accuracy rate of 0.5% of D/C voltage, The best feature to detect troubleshooting while using computers, electronics, household appliances and car wirings.

The display has 4000-counts—the speed of showing readings is pretty fast. Moreover, the multimeter is small, compact. Therefore, handling is effortless and easily portable in a tool bag.


The EX330 has many pretty good features for more functionality; therefore, it has more excellent value for your money. For example, the unknown A/C voltage detector quickly detects the mains and the voltage in the wire, even hidden behind a wall or over a socket outlet. But the negative point here is it does not display the voltage reading on the screen. Other features that are important for automotive use are including max hold, thermometer and relative mode.

Quick Review:




Easy to use

LCD Display Large-digit, 4000 count


Metal tips of the test leads are short

No backlight

The AstroAI Digital Multimeter is one highly versatile and accurate automotive tool. It is designed with professional-level quality yet easy enough for anyone of any experience level to master, and this product will put everything you need right in your hands. It accurately delivers AC/DC measurements, voltage, capacitance, frequency, duty cycle, resistance, diode, continuity, and temperature. In addition, you can easily switch between different measures depending on what you need while at work.


This multimeter also consisted of convenient features beyond its measuring capability. It offers a data hold, automatic shut-off, and a magnet that lets you hang it from metal surfaces. The large backlit LCD screen makes taking measurements easy in any lighting. And perks like auto-ranging and true RMS ensure great accuracy.


Whether you’re putting this multimeter to work for automotive purposes or household electrical issues, you’ll be able to tackle and troubleshoot all kinds of problems. With safety features like built-in explosion-proof ceramic fuse tubes, overload protection on all ranges, and durable materials, you’ll be able to work confidently with little worry.

Quick Review:


Testing modes are several.


Easy to use

Warranty 3-year


The backlight went off after 10 seconds.

No backlight


How much should I spend on a multimeter?

The recommendation from the expert is to spend anywhere around $40 to $50, or if you wanted to spend more, it should be no more than $80.

Are cheap multimeters worth it?

The cheap multimeters are undoubtedly good enough, But you do get what you pay for; this is true. But cheap multimeters are as good as the expensive ones; they have all the similar functions. Only the resolution is not that quick. It is a little bit slower. The material use for the body and the probes are not very smooth because they are not that expensive.


Three of these Automotive Multimeters are accurate in functions, compact in size and easy in handling. So why did we choose Astro AI, EX330, and AM 530? The reason behind that, as we told you earlier, these Automotive multimeters are varied in functions at less price under $100, together with their durability, performance and usage. For your buying guide, we have discussed its key features and its specifications. Moreover, we have mentioned the positives and negatives of each multimeter. Of course, the multimeter market is quite expensive, but these three multimeters are best for automotive use under $100.

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