Top 10 Best Fluke Multimeter 2021

If you are in need to buy a new Fluke Digital Multimeter, it will be a challenge to find the best product in the availability of thousands of products floating in the market. However, among all these products how you will choose to buy the best Fluke Digital Multimeter. Our research has found the best fluke digital multimeter in various features and different designs have different functions. Professional electricians, technicians, and automotive wiring mechanics need to buy these devices to get the job done quickly and confidently. Down below we have chosen the Top 10 best fluke digital multimeters, with tremendous features, best in quality, and different in functions and capability to get correct readings and most of all with respect to its reviews.

The Winners of our 2021 Study
Product Name
FLUKE-101 Digital Multimeter
FLUKE-101 Digital Multimeter

10 Best Fluke Multimeter Reviews

Quick Summary
Features of Fluke 117 Electricians True RMS Multimeter
This Is A True RMS Multi-Meter

If you have any unusual sign wave on the screen in reading this multi-meter will still get an accurate reading, quite an impressive feature.

Loz Screens:

Loz Screen by which it reads ghost voltage if the current source is from the neighbouring circuit through its low input impedance mechanism.

Auto-Volt Setting:

When you are not sure about the range of a given circuit this multi-meter will automatically get the range itself.

Volt-Alert Detector:

The difference in main feature is the addition of a Volt-Alert- detector, with a sensor on the head of the tester.

In Addition:

This tool comes supplied with min/max/average readings and measures frequency.

This Is A Small Meter:

It has an ergonomic chassis, with easy grip, and a large backlight area to use in less light areas.

Most Important Criteria:

Fluke 117’s CATIII rating with an ability of 600V, it helps in finding both; single and three phases.

Quick Summary
Features Of Fluke 88V
This Fluke is automotive multimeter

It is design to help automotive professionals to solve problems faster.

It has the measurement functions

The Best Troubleshooting features and accuracy level to solve any problem on conventional and hybrid vehicles.

Fluke 88V most powerful

Fluke automotive multimeter is the most powerful multimeter for hybrid and electric motor cars, it solves all the problem in auto-motive industry.

The automotive test functions

It includes DC and AC voltage check.

In addition to check

Resistance, Current and continuity the 88V can perform pulse width, duty cycle and diode test.

There is a min/max recording

The recordings for logging the highest and lowest readings overtime automatically storing them for later use

Auto hold:

This fluke can capture stable readings with one touch of the leads.

Analogue Bar Graph

The bar graph shows to track the changing and unstable signals, helps technician in finding the root of the problem.

Quick Summary
Features Of FLUKE 116 HVAC Multimeter
Micro amps

Which can easily test the flame sensors

Large white LED BACK LIGHT

To work easily in low light or dark area

Low input impedance

It helps in measuring and preventing false readings due to the ghost voltage


It has the ability to check the current in all ranges, with elapsed time for the fluctuations in signals while recording

Compact ergonomic design:

Easy in grip and single-handed operation

Compatible with magnetic hanger

Magnet helps in sticking while both hands are busy

Safety rated:

CAT III is rated safe with 600V

Fluke 116 is HVAC

This multi-meter is specially designed for the HVAC professional

Built-in thermometer:

Which measure temperature and microamps specifically for HVAC-operation

All in one tool:

It measures voltage, resistance, capacitance, continuity and frequency

Quick Summary
Features Of FLUKE 87-V
True RMS AC voltage and current:

Root means square reading is the accurate measurements of non-linear signals

Selectable filter

It is responsible to get the accurate voltage and frequency measurement on motor drives

D/C accuracy 0.5%

It includes both, offset error and gains error; the accuracy is up to 0.5%.

Built-in thermometer:

It measures the temperature of a burned circuit.

Larger digit display:

Large screen display with bright white backlight for increased visibility in low light areas

Measure A/C &D/C

The maximum capacity is 1000V

Measure A/C & D/C:

Maximum capacity to measure 10A

Analog Bar Graph:

It records accuracy in readings of any error in signals

Built-in thermometer:

Which measure temperature and microamps specifically for HVAC-operation

All in one tool:

Frequency, Capacitance, Resistance, Continuity, and Diode test


A range of measuring to capture variations automatically

Sleep mode

To help the long battery life

Electrical Safety in functioning:

CAT IV 600V & CAT III 1000V

Quick Summary
Features Of FLUKE 115
Best feature Fluke 115:

Generally electric and electronic test use, also for industrial application

It is a true-RMS:

This digital multimeter is accurate in reading root mean square.

Simple, Compact:

Small in size with all features, design to measure best results

Display Screen:

Display voltage and current up to 6000 count resolutions

All in one function:

Tests diodes, Frequency, capacitance, resistance, and continuity


Min/max/ average to record signal fluctuations. It allows 20A overload for 30 seconds maximum to measure current

A/C & D/C Voltage

Measure A/C&D/C voltage up-to 600V

Safety rating

CATIII 600V is safety rated


Storage temperature up-to -40C to +50C

Quick Summary
Physical features:

Reliable, rugged, and accurate digital meter easy to use with one-handed operation

A/C & D/C Voltage:

The maximum range of 1000V

A/C millivolts and D/C millivolts:

The maximum range of 400mV

Diode test:

It is recorded up-to 2.0V

Ability to check all these functions:

Resistance, Capacitance frequency, and continuity

Large Backlight:

It is easy to work in a poor light area

Temperature storage:

(-30 to +60) degree centigrade

Operating humidity:

 40-degree centigrade

Quick Summary
Auto range:

The Fluke 113 defaults to auto-ranging when turned on.

A/C & D/C Voltage

It is greater than 3V, the multi-meter switches automatically to A/C voltage mode.

The meter has low power impedance LoZ :

This load can alter the voltages in electronic control circuits.

Diodes Test:

It should be measured while turn off the circuit to get the better result

Minimum/ maximum/ and average recordings:

This digital multimeter is capable to record the lowest, highest, and calculated measurements

Maximum voltage:

It measures maximum Voltage of 600V, accuracy in reading


Temperature co-efficient, easily detect in troubleshooting.

True RMS:

This digital multi-meter records true root mean square value

Quick Summary

All these three measurement categories are applicable to test and measuring circuits of the low-voltage mains installation

Maximum Voltage:

Maximum overload protection is 600 A/C Volts

Screen Display

The LCD Screen display is of 6000 resolution.

Temperature storage:

Temperature storage is up-to -30 C to +60 C

Operating humidity:

Operating humidity is Non-condensing, when greater than 10 C, and it is 40MΩ

AC & D/C millivolts:

Current accuracy is 600milli Volts

True RMS measure:

It measures the true root mean square value.

All in one:

It measures resistance, continuity, Capacitance, frequency, and duty cycle.

Diode test and Continuity:

When the test is in progress, it gives a beep.

Quick Summary
Class A equipment:

This digital-multi-meter meets the requirement of Industrial broadcasting and communication


Safety ratings with CAT III up-to 600 volts

Display Screen

50 % Larger display screen with backlight to visual in low light areas, display 4000 counts

Test Voltage A/C & D/C:

Open circuit voltage is 2.0Volts

Test Current A/C & D/C:

The short circuit current is 0.6mV. Input terminal for A/C &D/C current is 10Amp

True RMS:

True root mean square for technical, industrial, and electronic testing.It measures true RMS voltage and current with 6000 count resolution

All in one functions

Resistance, continuity, frequency and capacitance for quick recording

Presents a large LED:

LED White backlight for working in a low light area, and display screen count is up-to 4000.

Built-in thermometer:

This digital multimeter is Temperature co-efficient

Measure A/C & D/C voltage:

It measures voltage up to 600V  

Min/max/ average:

Like other fluke multi-meter, it records signal fluctuations at its given range

Quick Summary
Auto- Range:

It can perform, manual and auto function, auto-range, display hold, and auto-hold

The Fluke 179 ESFP is compact

True RMS for technical, industrial and electronic testing

Simple ergonomic design

For one handed operation tool for trouble shooting 

It measures true RMS

Voltage and current with 6000 count resolution

All in one function

Resistance, continuity, frequency and capacitance

Presents a large LED

White LED backlight for working in poorly lit areas

Measure A/C & D/C voltage

Resistance, continuity, frequency and capacitance for quick recording

Presents a large LED

White LED backlight for working in poorly lit areas

It provides min/max/ average

It measures with elapsed time to record signal fluctuations in all range.


Most important function is CATIII safety rated of 1000V and CAT IV 600V

Built-in thermometer

It measures temperature of a troubleshooting circuit


Fluke Digital Multimeter With Its Best Review Based Buying Guide 2021

The best tool to buy in the market, are multi-meters. These are the tools to measure electricity mainly the Current, Voltage, and Resistance. The name Fluke is to assure its customers that they are in the right place. Electricians are looking for multi-meters means they required all the functions in one device. Some primary functions of a Fluke multi-meter are to record Resistance, Voltage, current, and capacitance.

Fluke is the name for safe, reliable easy to use electrical troubleshooting tool. Easy to handle, accuracy in reading, quick recording and screen changing, Safety for all users. Maximum resolution and temperature check.

The company of fluke is reliable and stable in the market; Individual prices for different models are not the same. If you are a Fluke lover and durability and money is not the issue then buy the Fluke with maximum top list functions and the fastest resolution technology. Prices are according to the maximum technology provided by the company in each Fluke digital multimeter.

All of the Fluke multi-meter devices have a VOLTMETER, AMMETER, and OHMMETER in order to check electrical Voltage, Current, and Resistance respectively.

Auto-power and manually operated power on and off button.

Mainly the multi-meter device is used to detect unknown voltage and converts them into a simple digital value to a numeric value. The latest Fluke digital multi-meters solved this problem very smartly and it includes the combination of both the digital and numeric together.

Multimeters devices are used to detect electrical troubleshooting in electronic devices like mobile phones and computer devices Or in any electrical-based circuits, it is for different functions.

Fluke has designed its multimeters according to the need of its customers some are good for Industrial use and some are for its tremendous automotive use, best for the hybrid motor vehicles, which I have mentioned above in its automotive features. Fluke digital multi-meter includes Variable sizes and in different variety of functions, it is depending on your way of work how you handle a small compact ergonomic device easily grabble and maneuverer. On the other hand, you can carry a large heavy-duty device with its maximum range to support your work very fast.


Fluke digital multi-meter includes Variable sizes and in different variety of functions, it is depending on your way of work how you handle a small compact ergonomic device easily grabble and maneuverer. On the other hand, you can carry a large heavy-duty device with its maximum range to support your work very fast. So body hold and handling is the first point to buy a device. Some devices include the outer case or some are without the case. Most of them have a magnet in it to hold the device while working and some devices include a backflip stand to hold the screen upright to see the readings straight.


Some devices in Fluke digital multi-meter is with auto-power switch and others are manually operated power on and off button.


Probe leads or test leads are soft and smooth handling and in some device they are quite hard not very flexible in handling.


Different digital multi-meters have four, three, and two inlets.

Ports to check the readings and recordings or in other words Jack’s inlet: this is very important. The place of insertion does not matters. Some devices have it over the front body while some are at the downsides. To buy perfect functioning all in one digital multi-meter there are four ports, namely one for Amps, second to check milliamps, third and fourth black and red common terminals to check Volts, Ohms, and Diode test.

Two ports digital multimeter can check Volts, Ohms, and Diode test. While four ports digital- multi-meters can check amps, and milliamps together with Volts, Ohms, and diode test. In addition to the three port’s digital cannot check milliamps.


A large display screen gives a perfect show of digits while recording, the LED screen is visually clear, prominent, and looks great in use. The customer wants to see every function visible on the screen.


Buy a Fluke digital multimeter with maximum Dial Selection Function to check maximum appliances with one device.


They include several additional functions, specialized features, and more advanced functions according to the technician’s requirements.

It should be advanced, standard, compact, wireless, and with the best testers. For safety measures, Fluke digital multi-meter has potential safety hazards to provide safety while testing electrical equipment. Read the user manual first for the operating procedure and safety guides.

How to find a best Fluke digital multi-meter for your job, Basic needs for an electrical technician is;

  • Electrical testing
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Advanced troubleshooting
  • Engineering
  • An industrial multimeter is tested to the extreme:
  • Drop
  • Shock
  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Accurate measurements
  • Consistence
  • Reliable performance
  • Safety alert
  • Warranty (long term)
Fluke Digital multi-meters rated for different parameters:
  • Appropriate CAT ratings
  • IP codes
  • Independent verification symbol
  • Safe for the measurements
  • CAT II, CAT III, and CAT IV safety provision
  • For surface dust and water dip, the exact size of IP measure.
  • It could check the output of a solar cell.
  • Current measures, either A/C or D/C in different components
  • Non-functional device to diagnose power supply
  • To test incandescent light bulb
  • It can record voltage signals from a pyrometer
  • The ignition system of hybrid or electric motor vehicles
  • Fuse function, to check A/C and D/C voltage
  • A/C and D/C current, resistance
  • Continuity test and diode test with a beep
  • Millimeter volts A/C and D/C voltage
  • Millimeter amps A/C and D/C current
  • True RMS, means (root mean square)voltage of an A/C circuit
  • Resistance measure in Ohms (W), milliohms (mW), or mega-ohms (MW)
  • Fluke digital multi-meter has fully automatic ohms reading.

The Brand Fluke Digital Multimeter is a guide in itself.  We can find different Fluke multi-meters for different fields of technical works, in one brand. In addition to this, a different range of prices for affording customers is available in the market. For their best-guided functions in a single device to buy.

The most important function of a multi-meter is its accurate reading. All Fluke digital multimeters prove this and its different models consist of proper and valuable functions to work easily and perfectly.

Every Fluke multi-meter primarily checks Electricity in a wire to record resistance, current, and voltage.

Fluke digital multimeters are highly performed multimeters, for their features are durable and they are high in quality compare to other products floating in the market.

The best-afforded multi-meter is also available with the brand name Fluke 113 with its high-performance function better in quality and easy to afford.

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