Fluke 87V True-RMS Industrial Multimeter Review

To justify in all accounts of the product reviews of the Fluke 87v multimeter. The multimeter is a devastating product in the multimeter industry. This multimeter is proven to be the best professional multimeter in the market. Being a professional, we will discuss the appearance of the multimeter, which includes its handling.

The Fluke 87v is an Industrial multimeter that provides the resolution and efficacy to efficiently troubleshoot motor drives, plant automation and power distribution projects and electromechanical types of equipment.

Specifications of Fluke 87v multimeter:

The function for accurate voltage and frequency measurements is unique on adjustable speed, motor drives, and other electrically noisy equipment.

The Built-in thermometer easily allows you to take temperature readings without having to carry a piece of separate equipment.

The magnetic hanger for easy set-up and viewing while freeing your hands for other tasks Large digital LCD with bright, two-level backlight makes it significantly easier to read than older models.


When I was holding it in my hands, it appears a strong, robust, really big multimeter that is waterproof and dustproof.

The plastic body is good, and the protective rubber cover housing holster is straightforward to grip and provide a buffer to the body when in use.

Screen Display

  1. The screen display compares these three flukes; the contrast and clarity seen are perfect.
  2. The viewing angles from the top of the sideways looks very clear.
  3. Multimeter posts
  4. Excellent good solid connection points.
  5. Multimeter probes
  6. The leads are going nice and easily insert into the post.
  7. The selector switch has nice grip and easy to move smoothly.
  8. Dolting bell to hold

At the back of the multimeter if we remove the holster. There are screws to cover the battery with a nice compartment that has shield protection to grip the battery.

Voltage standard

  • Turn on the meter, set the dial to voltage up to 30 volts.
  • It has a resolution of 6000 counts to 20000 counts.
  • D/C accuracy is claimed 0.05%.(+1,-1)
  • Milli volts D/C voltage scale 0.1mV.
  • Fluke 87-V is a very popular inaccuracy multimeter.

For this purpose, we will check the accuracy of this Fluke 87V before testing it up on some devices. We will turn on the power supply and run it through the ranges to see how responsive the meter is and its auto-ranging. The display is responsive, and the bars graph at the bottom is ten times faster than 40x/sec. When it hits the 30 volts, we can see the thunder volt icon come on the side; this is the warning sign that the area’s potential could be dangerous.

Next, we are taking a known voltage of pinta wreath. Which has been calibrated, and we have a range of five voltages here. We check a low voltage range of 0.2499 and absolute results in the screen, which is 0.2499 accuracy.

Now we test the high voltage range of 9.950, and we can see that the screen shows the accurate result of 9.950. This proves the inaccuracy of the multimeter. These are all D/C voltage checks; now switch to another test.

Resistance test

To measure resistance, we will switch the multimeter to Ohms. We will use clog clips for very firm grips of the leads 0.19 resistance showing in the screen between these leads.

We press the delta button and press range it the meter screen showing a reading of 9.9997 ohms, the reading is known, and that is exactly what the resistance was.

Current test

We check milliamps, set the leads to milliamps, press the yellow button to change D/C to A/C.connect both the leads to the current socket, let it settle, and the known current reading of 1.000amps is on the screen. We are indeed very impressed with this fluke 87V.

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Brief Review of features:

Auto and Manual Ranging

Some multimeters have auto-ranging while others have manual ranging, But in this 87V it has both the auto and manual ranging which helps professionals to their best easier usage.

Min/ Max features

We enjoyed this feature in this Fluke is Min / Max average feature. It will give a beep with the min-max reading. Switch the selector to voltage setting and push the button min/max to give the reading over time. There is a peak average time reading, and it is 250 microseconds which are far faster. Push the min/max button and press the average button below it. So you can see the reading and instruction on the screen how many microseconds at this peak.

Auto-hold feature

It allows you to hold your readings if your hands are not free. If you are having both leads and taking a reading and your eyes could not approach the multimeter screen, it will give a beep to hold the reading, and when you press hold, it will display reading for you.

Continuity and speed

One of the popular checks on a multimeter is continuity. Press the button under the min/max sign. If we touch the two leads together, it will give a clear buzzer. If we latch and unlatch the leads, it will continuously provide the beep. If we check the speed so touch the leads faster, it will give the beeper more quickly.

Frequency and Duty cycle

You can see the per cent sign there. It can measure a duty cycle of a wave.

Relative Delta

This relative reading is zero where you are.

Battery warning Sign

The best feature is while working. It will give the battery a warning sign after recording the reading.


Reliable and accurate

Improved display

Fantastic construction quality


Quite pricey

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the Count mean inaccuracy of 87V?

The count is a significant digit on any multimeter. If it is a 6000 count meter the reading will measure; 0- 5999. counts.

How many save readings can a Fluke 87V store?

You may be stored up to 400 save readings.

Why Fluke 87V is different from Fluke 87?

Fluke 87V is the more advanced function multimeter, higher in accuracy and it can measure the speed drive.

How long a Fluke 87V will last?

Fluke is the name for its durability and efficacy once you buy and use it accordingly it will work for a long.

How much is a Fluke 87 True RMS multimeter?

Fluke 87V True RMS is an Industrial Multimeter with a temperature Model: 87-V.


If we briefly describe the Fluke 87v, it is passed on all standards of an industrial multimeter.  We are happy with the economics of this multimeter, perfect size, not too big to be used on your bench to be taken out of its size. It’s an industrial multimeter, and even though it hasn’t got the ip67 rating of its upgraded model Fluke 287 multimeter, which cost a bit more, it still feels it will be robust out in the field.

If you are very picky, few negative points,  when you select your amps and milliamps, default it to D/C, but some Electrical persons default it to A/C. The accuracy and its resolution of the multimeter are brilliant for its general purpose use. I must say this is an excellent multimeter. We made it simple for you to compare Fluke 87v Vs FLuke 117 by performing separate comparisons. I hope the reader of this article will gain some valuable information.

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