What is the Best Multimeter for Beginners?

Digital multimeters are flooded in the marketplace. Suppose you are a hobbyist, mechanic, electrician or industrialist. You cannot measure or test electrical appliances without an intelligent multimeter, especially when working on automotive electronics or automobiles. Thanks to the latest technology, these multimeters are compact, affordable and easily accessible today.

Now the reason for writing this article is mainly… which one you should buy? Thankfully, we are here to guide you in a complete buying guide to tell you the exclusive features and functions. If you find it interesting, you do not have to do further research. It is good that you read this article to find the best multimeter for your own choice and requirement.

INNOVA 3320 Multimeter, the best choice for Beginners

This specific unit is excellent for professional electricians and homeowners who want to buy an intelligent multimeter for use. One of the essential features of this multimeter is its various functions. In other words, you can use it for home appliances, sockets or any industrial project, or simply as a DIY user, Or checking the voltage of batteries or any circuit around your house.  The essential features of Innova 3320 include Voltage, Current, Capacitance, and Frequency.

The Screen display is large. The best 3320 feature is the battery check. However, it shows the levels of the battery life by LED colour representations. Although the features are essential, this multimeter is an excellent choice for beginners because of its easy handling and its primary functions to assure the beginners that it is accurate and compact.

Battery Check

The battery check function feature is available in almost all automotive multimeters, but it is slightly different in this device. On the other hand, it’s not only checking the battery’s voltage, but it also avoids the condition by putting it under a small load. In addition to this, it has three LED lights (green, yellow, and red) on the front of the multimeter with three symbols that denote the battery’s level. These colour presentations are the distinctive feature of Innova 3320. Red light means the battery is dead, yellow light is the amber warning for the battery, and green light means the battery is in good condition.

Wide Range Multimeter

This multimeter is an excellent feature of Innova 3320 in its vast range. The beginners need a multimeter to measure D/C values, and they rarely use it for calculating A/C values. The important thing about this wide range is its consistency. The reviews of this multimeter say this multimeter is the best choice for customers because of its consistency. In addition, its auto-range and its battery test is the easiest choice for beginners.

Auto-shutoff feature

This feature is the essential standard feature in most multimeters, which is the best feature for beginners. So what is an auto-shutoff function? This function saves time and money. Unfortunately, so many beginners forget to turn off their device after inactivity; therefore, you might drain the battery or find your whole battery dead after two days; however, you do not have to worry about this because of the auto-shutoff feature available. It will turn the device off after 10 minutes of inactivity and save the battery’s life.

Low Battery Warning

In addition to the auto-shutoff system, the 3320 also has an option for the low battery warning. The smart meter will timely notify you of the low battery warnings and replace the battery, but it notifies you. Though it is a widespread feature, it will provide mental relaxation instead of sudden onset, which might disappoint you.

The Body of the Innova 3320

The Innova 3320 includes a rubber holster with two side holders for the test leads for a hands-free manoeuvre. The body looks great. It is a small, compact device that is easy in handling. The multimeter consists of a wrist strap and a back stand to see the readings while working. The large digital screen display gives it an attractive look.

Who can use this Innova 3320

The best thing about this beginner’s automotive multimeter is that anyone can use it, but you must know the basics of this multimeter.

The multimeter is for beginners, home users, electricians, DIY users, and professionals. They all love this multimeter for its easy use, all in one function, precise and versatile without any complications.

If you are looking for the best multimeter with several various options, this might be the one and worth it at this price.

  • Cheap
  • Versatility
  • Precise
  • Small Compact
  • Battery test consists of Colour-coded LEDs
  • Back stand is not very good

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you test Ohms on an Innova 3320 multimeter?

Plugin the red test probe into the “Ω” port of the multimeter; plugin the black test lead into the “COM” port.
Set the multimeter’s dial selector to the “Ω” range function.
You may observe the resistance reading on the screen.

Are Innova Multimeters good?

Innova multimeters are small, compact, precise and versatile. Auto-range multimeters for home users and DIY hobbyists and technicians. So the Innova 3320 multimeter is a good first beginners multimeter for its easy handling and friendly options to test various functions within this small device.


The CAT rating is relatively low but does not live up to modern standards with an unfused ampere range and a 250V mA fuse 600V.

The meter is reasonably basic, but it has the most ranges needed for general around the house or car work. In addition to that, it has an easy to use battery tester; the LEDs colours describe the battery’s life. This multimeter is not for electronic or mains work, but it is as good as any other multimeter; it is for you whether you are a professional or a home user.

The users are happy with the Innova 3320. The reason behind this fact is its versatility and value for both professionals and beginners to make it a favourite among many other multimeters. Moreover, the price of this multimeter is also affordable for any user.

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