Comparison Between Astro AI 2000 and INNOVA 3300 Reviews 2022

Comparison Between Astro AI 2000 and INNOVA 3300

We are comparing two digital multimeters because of their product features, performance, capability, durability, functions, and budgeting across multiple products available in the market.

INNOVA 3300 Digital Multimeter

  1. INNOVA 3300 digital multimeter is a cheaper, less versatile multimeters more for basic testing at home and garage.
  2. The Basic performances of a digital multimeter might include checking the car and bike wiring, batteries, switches, circuit breakers, and electronic components, including volts, amps, and resistance, and it will perform continuity tests.
  3. These functions are the basic standard test criteria of a multimeter.
  4. A non-professional person will rarely need any more test required other than this.
  5. There is a dedicated battery test range – 1.5V and 9V. (NOTE: This multimeter cannot test A/C Current; make sure your multimeter is set to the correct setting before testing)

ASTRO AI 2000 Digital Multimeter

  1. Whereas ASTRO AI 2000 digital multimeter is designed to troubleshoot various automotive and household electrical problems their safety and accuracy.
  2. This is the best tool in the market of low budgeting and with maximum efficacy do some household or commercial improvements, whether DIY or as a hobbyist.
  3. This multimeter can test true RMS. The multimeter is designed for accuracy.
  4. It supports data hold, low battery indicator and continuity buzzer.
  5. Includes convenient feature like LCD backlit screen makes it easy to use in dimly light areas. (NOTE: This meter cannot test A/C Current; make sure your multimeter is set to the correct setting before testing)

Comparison Astro AI 2000 & Innova 3300

PriceCheap, affordableCheap, affordable
RepresentationA double ceramic fuse cannot burn and defend against overloading. The silicone cover can protect the multi-meter from failing, damage and prevent electric shocks.Includes wrist-mounted band, stand and lead holders for hands-free testing
DisplayLarger screen display, together with a tilting stand.Small screen display, with no tilting stand.
BackBacklit is present to work in a darker area.No backlit
Weight6.3 ounces4.2 ounces
Product dimension5.1 x 2.8 x 1.4 inches10 x 5.1 x 1.5 inches
Included1 x Astro AI AM33D Digital Multi-meter, 1 x 9V 6F22 Battery, 2 x Test Leads, 1 x User Manual1x Innova 3300 digital multi-meter, wrist-mounted band, stand and test leads, lead holders for hands-free testing.
CalibrationAuto rangeManual range
A/C, D/C voltageYesYes
A/C, D/C currentOnly D/C currentOnly D/C current
Resistance, ContinuityYesYes
Frequency, capacitanceYesNo
True RMSYesNo
Transistor hFENoNo
Accuracy measurementHighLow
UseabilityEasy in handlingDifficult

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Innova 3300 dial down to low enough amps to diagnose?

Yes, the Innova is excellent for finding low amps. It can diagnose parasitic leaks in boats and cars. Turn everything off and then disconnect the negative battery cable. Insert the meter in series with the negative battery terminal and the end of the cable. If there is a current leak, it will show on the meter when it is set on the amps’ function.

What does 2000 count mean on Astro AI 2000?

Astro AI 2000 count multimeter can show a maximum value of 2000 on any range (so for the 2volts content, the full-scale is 2.000volts), while a 20,000-count multimeter can show up 2.0000volts full-scale on the 2volts range.

How accurate are the low-budget multimeters?

The low-price multimeters are undoubtedly good enough, even though you do get what you pay for, as you might expect. If you have a multimeter open, you might as well hack it to have Wi-Fi. Or, if you prefer, a serial port.

What is the best cheap multimeter?

Astro AI 2000 is Cheap and the best pocket multimeter in the market.


The article is about the comparison of two multimeters. Both the multimeters are low in budget. And for the DIY home base users, the representation of Astro AI 2000 is better than Innova 3300. Handling is good, and the screen display is better than Innova 3300. 

  • Innova 3300 is a manual range meter, whereas Astro AI 2000 is a manual range meter. Some people are happy with the manual range readings; some think the auto range is the straightforward way to take readings.
  • Both the multimeters are performing good in A/C & D/C voltage test, but it is not working for A/C power.     
  • Astro AI 2000 can check true RMS, whereas Innova 3300 does not have such an option.      Useability and handling, and accuracy of Astro AI 2000 is much higher than Innova 3300.

Both the multimeters have no thermometer to check the temperature or to test transistor hEF.

In conclusion, both the multimeters are budget-friendly; they are intelligent multimeters, pocket-size, suitable for home DIY use. The true RMS function of Astro AI 2000 is differentiating itself from Innova 3300. This factor is what differentiates a cheap multimeter from a professional one.  

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