Best Multimeter For Home Use - Top 3 Reviewed And Buyer Guide

Are you looking for the best multimeter for home use? In this article we will break down the top 3 multimeters for home use on the market we select these three best multimeters for home users with reviews and buying guide for your satisfaction.

Quick Review:

This multimeter is a well-known kit for electricians or home mechanics. INNOVA company has been designing multimeters for automation industry over the years.

Buyers Guide
  • Battery test function: This is one of the best function of INNOVA 3320, It can check 1.5V, 6V, 9V and 12V. With its LEDs, it will tell you the current status of the battery. The LEDs are colour coded and appropriately telling the result in colour; Green for good, Yellow for weak, and Red for change the battery.
  • Body and Design: A rubber holster to protect the body, multimeter is light weight not robust, best for home use or cars. Side mounted leads holders are helping in hand free use. Back fold out stand and an elastic cord hook. A handy back strap for holding. The dial selector has 13 stations. Four selections are to test battery. Lock function is missing in this innova.
  • Display function: Large clear display but no backlit. Battery check is enclosed in a green module, it can contrasted with red for DCV and blue for milliamps.
  • Functions: This Innova 3320 has 3 jack sockets; Main, Common, D/C 10A. Other function include auto-power off, automatic zero adjustment. The higher amperage function is un-fused which is good to read high amps circuit. It can operate temperature of 0-40 degree centigrade, better to use at homes not for industrial purpose. Best to use in home electrical circuits, cars, DIY users and electronic appliances.



Large, clear digital display
Accurate for home use
Battery test function
Fold-out kickstand

Elastic cord wrist strap


No hold function

No backlit

Quick Review:
Buyers Guide
  • Automotive digital multimeter provides excellent functionality for those who are repairing home electronics.
  • It has been a part of the multimeter device industry for several years and won aplomb from many electricians.
  • Working on home servicing and it is a best automotive multimeter.
  • First of all, the favourite feature is that a thermal probe
  • Operates at resistance up to 10 m ohms.
  • It harbours auto and manual mode just like a fluke and tech power.
  • After all, it is a excellent buying choice for money at a low price and best multimeter for electricians.


Auto mobile test features

Large clear display
Hands-free testing

Measures temperature

Data hold


No backlit

Quick Review:
Buyers Guide
  • It is a budget-friendly multimeter.
  • Reasonably accurate reading.
  • High input impedance.
  • Durable construction. 
  • Operates at resistance up to 10 m ohms.
  • It offers pretty remarkable multimeter features;
  • After all, it is a excellent buying choice for money at a low price and best multimeter for electricians.
  • Voltage detector is used for testing voltage.
  • Perform Resistance, Diodes, Capacitance, and Frequency check.
  • Testing Circuit board resistors Duty cycle and temperature.
  • The features provide you a sizeable backlit LCD display for easy reading that comes in handy when making measurements in poorly lit environments the backlight is evenly spread across the display the backlight is activated by pressing a button, and it automatically turns back off after five seconds to save battery
  • Mastech MS8268 you can select a manual ranging mode and auto-range function.
  • HVAC pros need specialised digital multimeters on the market like the mastech ms-8268.
  • Moreover its dial has a well-built surface and runs on three AAA batteries.
  • Batteries are located in a separate battery compartment,; therefore, you don’t have to disassemble the meter to change the battery or fuse.
  • This multimeter conserves the battery life with auto power-off feature after five minutes.


Variety of range

Voltage selections


Good quality leads

Separate battery compartment

Backlit screen


CAT ratings spurious

No input protection


In conclusion with the Mastech MS8268 reviews, the multimeter is . accurate in voltage, current and resistance test, it is a good choice for home users, DIY users.

INNOVA 3340 is an excellent choice for automobiles. Best choice for garage, solves many engine issues, like alternators diode test and solve electrical faults in hybrid engines. But it is not meant for professional use.

When you are buying INNOVA 3320, this multimeter is versatile, compact and easy in use, which makes it worth to buy. A good tool for home users not very complicated to use as a professional electrician.

All these three multimeters are a good choice in buying, these are compact automated, easy in handling, accurate and versatile. They don’t have all in one feature but mostly basic functions are provided. Long lasting, robust and safe for home users.

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