Fluke 789 ProcessMeter Review 2022

The Fluke 789 ProcessMeter is the ideal tool for all troubleshooting requirements, from entry-level units to expert specifications. It has a large LCD display and can be used to perform functions such as: using the Fluke Connect web app to create a video recording from anywhere in the world, ready to hang it up on your office wall. The ShareLive feature provides an easy way to share with colleagues.

Fluke Corporation has been one of the leading manufacturers of multimeters in the world. The company manufactures a variety of multimeters which are highly regarded by different industries across the globe.

However, with such a huge and varied range, it is very difficult to be able to identify the best multimeters from among them. To explore some of the advanced multimeters which are best in design and features among most of the multimeters in the 7 Series of products that have been designed with the help of engineers and technicians. In the electrician industry, thousands of multimeters are used to measure voltages and currents at the rate of thousands of amps.

Inside box includes:

  • AC175 Alligator Clips
  • Four (4) AA 1.5 V alkaline batteries (installed)
  • TL71 safety-designed test lead set

Quick Features:

Weight: 610 g (1.6 lbs)

Batteries: Four (4) AA 1.5 V alkaline batteries

Warranty: 3 years

Continuity: Beeps for resistance < 100 Ω

Display: Display with dual large backlighting

Electrical safety: CAT IV 600V safety rated 1000V, 440mA true RMS digital multimeter

Current Range: Source and simulate 4 to 20 mA signals Simultaneous mA & % of scale readout

Resistance measurement: 40 MΩ, 0.2% + 1 LSD

Frequency measurement: up to 20 kHz

Simulate Loop Voltage: No

Modes: Max /Min/Average/Hold/Relative modes

The Fluke 789 ProcessMeter is a Compact digital multimeter & mA loop calibrator solution with built-in 24v Loop Power and a fully-featured mA loop calibrator. Easily and quickly troubleshoot every part of the control loop. Bright and large, Dual-measurement display.

This Fluke 789 ProcessMeter has a manual step, 100%, 25%, Coarse, Fine, as well as auto step and auto ramp. It also has a DC voltage precision of 0.1% and a DC accuracy of 0.05%.


Accurate and Reliable

Super display(Easy to see display)

Makes it very easy to diagnose a loop system with 4-20mA loop simulation.



Frequently Asked Questions:

Does it come with the alligator clips?

Yes, it comes with alligator clips.

What is ProcessMeter?

Process metres are excellent instruments that can measure, display, alert, and regulate a wide range of process variables. They have 4-20 mA and 0-10 V analogue inputs.


The Fluke 789 ProcessMeter includes all of the standard Digital Multimeter capabilities, including frequency measurement to 20 kHz, Max/Min/Average/Hold/Relative modes, diode test, and a continuity beeper. Combining it with the ability to debug each component of the loop is a powerful combination.

The multimeter’s accuracy and resolution are excellent for general-purpose use. This is an excellent multimeter, in my opinion. I hope the reader of this post takes away some useful information.

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